Frame Stickers Carbon style Tenere 700 Yamaha T7 XTZ-690 2019-2020

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The frame guards by ACD RACING PARTS. 

High-quality PVC stickers. Use this sticker set to protect your frame painting from scratches for a long time. Fits perfectly on your Yamaha Tenere 700. 

Protect the uncovered sections of the frame from being rubbed with your boots. Protect it with a special resistant 350 micron stickers by ACD RACING PARTS.

Only apply on a clean surface, no oil or grease are allowed. The outside temperature must be above 15 degrees celsius. Use hairdryer for heating up the stickers for easier application. Don't use your motorcycle for 10-24 hours after the sticker is applied.
Kit includes:
1x left side frame sticker
1x right side frame sticker